Major Shareholders

Minotaur has some 2,235 shareholders, many who have maintained their presence since the Company listed in 2005. The current shareholding structure is shown below:

MEP Shareholders as at 1 October 2018.

Fully paid Ordinary Shares on Issue257,641,257
Top 20 Shareholders35%
Top 10 Shareholders28.2%
1. Citicorp Nominees10.4%
2. Yarraandoo Pty Ltd6.8%
3. OZ Minerals Limited3.1%
4. Ian Gemmell2.4%
5. Syndicated Metals Ltd2.0%
6. FMR Investments1.1%
7. Sandfire Resources1.0%
8. Chetan Enterprises0.9%
9. Robert Gemelli0.8%
10. Nicholas & Susan Carter0.7%
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