Value Building Model

Welcome to Minotaur Exploration (ASX: MEP), a long-established, innovative and successful results generator in the realms of minerals exploration, project incubation and technology implementation.

Minotaur has tangible and material interests in those spaces, within Australia. Our business model is built on a three-tier platform, seeking to expand shareholder value through exposure to minerals prospects and technology applications.

Exploration for super-cycle facing minerals

Our portfolio of exploration tenements is vectored towards copper discovery and other base metals, all of which are undoubtably key to world development and prosperity. Copper, in particular and currently close to its all-time, high-price point (US$4.84 per pound on 10 May 2021), is predicted by many analysts to become the metal of the future, continuing to serve society so well for thousands of years. As demand grows supply shrinks and the impetus for explorers to uncover new copper endowed systems strengthens. Gold often occurs alongside copper (as it does with nickel and such). Gold, a store of value since biblical times, endures and provides substance against artificially derived and fiat currencies. Minotaur is actively advancing its Pyramid gold prospects.

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Participation in mining ventures

Minotaur has an impressive track record in attracting larger partners with strong balance sheets to fund work on its exploration tenements. That has always been Minotaur’s strength and fundamental activity financing model.

Through 2021 and onwards Minotaur is a contributing partner in the Great White Kaolin Joint Venture (GWJV) along with Andromeda Metals Ltd (ASX: ADN). Great White kaolin exhibits many particular qualities that are superior to almost all other known kaolinite deposits. The project partners are moving rapidly towards issue of a definitive feasibility study (DFS) and grant of a mining licence for the proposed low Capex, 26-year life-of-mine kaolin-halloysite resource near Streaky Bay in the west of South Australia.

The DFS (due in July 2021) will define product mix, sales schedules and anticipated price points based on customer engagement, allowing analysts to forecast potential GWJV revenues and free cash flows estimated to accrue to the two project owners.

A positive and robust DFS (as anticipated) should evolve into a Bankable Feasibility Study, providing a firm basis for the proponents to attract debt and/or equity funding to implement the development and make a rational decision to mine.

With ‘breaking of ground’ forecast for February 2022 and a rapid ramp up of kaolin product despatched to customers over the ensuing months, Minotaur will welcome a healthy cashflow from the mining operation, somewhat unusual for an exploration originating business.

High Technology endeavours

Minotaur recognised several years ago that Great White kaolin mineralisation contained highly variable concentrations of halloysite; a nanoparticle form of the host kaolinite. Halloysite is a naturally occurring, but extremely rare, nanotube structure with some unique properties rendering it potentially useful in a range of new age applications to solve many pressing environmental and energy capture challenges.

Minotaur and Andromeda joined their respective kaolin intellectual property assets to form Natural Nanotech Pty Ltd (NNT), its brief being to investigate halloysite applications to a select group of those challenges. NNT is sole-funding highly sophisticated research at the University of Newcastle’s GICAR Centre, aiming to achieve commercial outcome solutions. The joint owners of NNT consider its ultimate goal is to licence its IP into global uses for halloysite derived functional materials.

NNT imbues Minotaur with expectations of future commercial opportunity, while acknowledging at this early R&D stage no forecasts or estimates of value can be relied upon.

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